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Past events

Continuous Delivery as a Service

Dave Wood (@Codesleuth) - Tue 02, June 2015 6:30pm

How confident are you in your code? Do you get nervous when you demo it to colleagues? How many late nights have you spent tracking down bugs discovered after your code was released?

Continuous Delivery helps you stay on top of live issues by providing you with instant critical feedback, notifying you as soon as possible about any problems. You'll save time and be able to concentrate on delivering features, not fixing bugs. In this talk, you will learn about how and why you should be continuously integrating your code, and how you can get started today using one of the many CI services available.

Bring a laptop along with you if you can (but don't worry if you can't).

Lightning Talks!

Tue 05, May 2015 6:30pm

This month we'll be hosting a round of lightning talks. These are a great way to get started with public speaking, but also an effective for experienced speakers to test new material or techniques.

On the Bus with NServiceBus

Kevin Smith (@kev_bite) - Tue 07, April 2015 6:30pm

In this session we'll take a deep dive into NServiceBus. We'll cover its features, alternatives, getting started and a walkthrough of the different types of messaging.

Throughout we'll drop into code demos and if we have enough time we will finish with an interactive demo, so please bring your laptops with Visual Studio installed.

Introduction to the Netduino

Richard Rixham (@richardrixham) - Tue 03, March 2015 6:30pm

You've heard of the Arduino, you've heard of the Raspberry Pi, but how about building the Internet of Things with C# and the .NET Micro Framework. The Netduino makes it easy to build applications that can interact with the world around.

One Frontend, One Backend, Three Mobile Platforms Using Xamarin.Forms

Richard Garside (@_richardg) - Tue 03, February 2015 6:30pm

As a developer it would be nice if we didn't have to worry about different phone platforms. Write once, run anywhere is the dream and perhaps that is possible now. Xamarin brought us C# on iOS and Andriod, which was nice, but with so much of the mobile experience being the UI, this only took us so far. Xamarin Forms lets us use XAML to specify a UI that is is translated into platform specific UI that looks completely native. Could this solve all our cross platform woes and let us get back to writing code and solving the important and interesting problems? In this talk we'll go through creating a simple cross platform mobile app with Xamarin.Forms and C# language.

Teaching Grandma to Code, with Microsoft SmallBasic

Neil Cullen - Tue 03, February 2015 7:30pm

Can we close the generation gap (and indirectly teach kids to code) by first explaining basic computing concepts to the old-hands of engineering? Instead of Scratch, SmallBasic might be more suitably old-school for this and better whet their appetites for .NET

If .NET Developers are from Mars, where are Rubyists from?

Eva Barabas (@b_seven_e) - Tue 06, January 2015 6:30pm

We, humans find it easier to look at differences rather than similarities. Hence, when given the opportunity to work as a Rubyist within a team of .NET devs, I was sceptical at first. During the last 9ish months, I realised that there isn't 'them and us' but more a tight knit group of like-minded developers, a team working towards the same goals. I.e. delivering robust applications to our users and aiming at clean code in our codebases. I would like to take this opportunity in sharing some of our similarities and maybe encourage other teams to take the bold step in working together with some other talented developers despite the choice of programming language.

Porting Pomodoro App to a Mobile App

Richard Rixham (@richardrixham) - Tue 06, January 2015 7:30pm

In this talk Richard will give an insight of his experience of porting the Pomodoro App in to a Mobile version.

It Doesn't Have to End in Tiers

Andrew Gunn (@andrewgunn) - Tue 02, December 2014 6:30pm

This presentation will provide a high level overview of CQRS, DDD, Event Sourcing, and how to use them together. The best way to do this is through code, code, and more code. It'll also cover some of the classic pitfalls with a distributed architecture such as versioning. By the end, you should have a good understanding of why you'd choose such a drastic architecture, and more importantly, when not to.

Lightning Talks!

Tue 04, November 2014 6:30pm

This month we'll be hosting a round of lightning talks. These are a great way to get started with public speaking, but also an effective for experienced speakers to test new material or techniques. If you’re interested in participating, please get in contact via Twitter (@dotnetsheff) or by email (organisers at dotnetsheff.co.uk) ASAP.

C#6 & ReSharper9

Matt Ellis - Tue 07, October 2014 6:30pm

ReSharper version 9 is bringing a lot of changes, some under the hood, some more obvious. In this talk, we’ll take a look at what’s new and improved, from updates to alt+enter and code completion to improvements in TypeScript support, with a couple of other surprises thrown in. We’ll also dive into the new features of C# 6.0, and see how ReSharper will use these to help improve your code. And of course, we’ll check in on how C++ support is progressing.

An introduction to ElasticSearch

Dominic Finn - Tue 02, September 2014 6:30pm

ElasticSearch is an open source, distributed search engine based on Lucene that was designed to scale. In this talk Dom Finn (@CleverFinn) will provide an introduction to ElasticSearch, it's use cases, it's Restful API and it's .NET client called Nest.

CQRS & Event Sourcing - An Azure Implementation

Andrew Macdonald - Tue 05, August 2014 6:30pm

Join us as Andrew Macdonald (@andycwk) introduces Command Query Responsibility Segregation and Event Sourcing before demonstrating how these principles can be applied on top of Azure Table Storage by delving into the code of a project he is currently developing.

MongoDB Coding Session

Kevin Smith - Tue 08, July 2014 6:30pm

Fancy learning MongoDB hands on? In this session we will pair up and fill the data access layer for a blog written in MVC.NET so that it all runs on MongoDB. For this session you will need a laptop, a copy of visual studio and the template source code which can be found on github.

MongoDB: A Developer's Perspective

Kevin Smith - Tue 05, June 2014 6:30pm

MongoDB is a cross-platform document-oriented database. As most of you will know MongoDB is another one of them NoSQL databases! In this talk Kevin Smith (@kev_bite) will cover the basic CRUD operations and the aggregation framework within MongoDB and how to effectively utilize these within the .NET world. He will then lightly touch on how MongoDB scales and its automatic failover.

Coding Meetup - Katas/Exercises

Daley Chetwynd - Thu 1, May 2014 6:30pm

This month we're having another coding meetup. Bring along any ideas that you have for .NET coding katas/exercises. We'll vote at the start of the meeting for the coding problem to attempt, then split into pairs and work on the most popular problem. Try to bring along a laptop with either Visual Studio or Mono installed.

Coding Session - String Calculator Kata

Daley Chetwynd - Thu 13, March 2014 6:30pm

This month we're having a TDD coding session. We will be implementing in C# the String Calculator Kata which can be found on Roy Osherove's website. As with most of our coding sessions try to bring along a laptop with either Visual Studio or Mono installed.

Machine Learning

Grant Crofton - Thu 06, February 2014 6:30pm

The next meeting of the Sheffield .NET User Group will be an introductory session on Machine Learning, led by Grant Crofton (@relentlessdev). He'll be giving an introduction to machine learning and neural networks, before introducing the K-Nearest Neighbours problem and then presenting us with a Machine Learning coding challenge to work on.

Testing in F# & Immutable collections

Daley Chetwynd/John Stovin - Tue 07, January 2014 6:30pm

This session will be split in half. The first half will be taken by Daley Chetwynd (@dchetwynd) on discussing testing within F#, the last half of the session will be taken by John Stovin (@johnstovin) explaining Immutable collections.